We believe in the magic of words, love the heady smell of books, the beauty of language, new ideas, and possibilities. We are fascinated by the written world and its myriad realities.


The feel of a book in your hand and the joy of getting lost in the pages are irreplaceable. We are kindred souls who want to help you keep that experience alive. And that experience, we believe is savored best through the print medium. Yes, we are quite traditional that way. Pick up that book, judge them all you want by its cover, flip the pages, take a deep drag of the fresh scent, and dive right into an adventure. Yea, I know, we are not just traditionalists but romantics too.


We promise to deliver a book along with a few interesting goodies each month to your doorstep. Each book is handpicked by us—stories from around the world, promised to pique your interest and leave you wanting for more. It’s is a blind date with a book.